Beta Launch:
The 600 FICO PPA

How many more customers would go solar if you could offer this product? Be one of the first installers using the utimate beta solar financing product allowing you to offer to solar to customers with a low credit score.

How many more sales can you make if those with lower FICO scores can get approved for a PPA?

Here are the average credit scores below 621 in America for 2016. 41% of consumers have Less than a 621 FICO that are between 30 and 39 years old

Percent of Consumers with a Credit Scores below 621 in 2016

30 to 39 years old
40 to 49 years old
50 to 59 years old
60 to 69 years old

Main Features

  • Billing is Leveled monthly

    Great for consumers to have the same bill every month and not high bills in summer because the solar system generate more electricity than in winter. Unlike other solar PPAs, this program provide leveled monthly payments with an annual true-up against actual energy produced. 

  • Moving options

    Transfer agreement and payments to the new homeowner.
    New homeowner automatically qualified in most cases. Alternatively, 
    prepay the remaining payments and transfer the agreement.

  • End of contract

    Purchase the equipment at fair market value at the end of the term, or you can renew automatically for 5 one-year periods at market rate or you terminate the program at no cost.

  • At least one signatory must be on title

    Easy to sign up a homeowner. All electronic signatures and unlike other programs that require all persons on title to sign...with this program at least one of the signatories must be on the title of the property AND pass the credit review. The property where the solar energy system is installed must be a: Primary or secondary, owner-occupied residence only; not a rental. Single-family unit; not a condo, townhouse, row-house, mobile home, non-profit or co-op.

  • Minimize Cancelations by Reducing Change orders

    Eliminate issues with homeowner production tolerances. Keep your focus on the next sale, not re-processing deals. Reducing change orders eliminates install delays and the risk of customer cancellations. Higher conversion. Low fallout.

Our mission is to help those that have been marginalized from saving money with solar and other energy efficiency programs because of a not so perfect credit score

Nobody is perfect and not everybody has a 700+ credit score. We believe that no only those in a strong financial position should benefit from a reduced electric bill. Actually, those that need the savings the most are those that are not in a strong financial position. So, we are here to help.  

We provide to our customers


Our programs offer savings on the energy bill for the long term. We analyze your bill and present you with the detailed analysis.


Hedge agains more electricity price increases. Volatiility. With out program you know exactly how much you will pay in the future. No uncertainty.


Feel great by producing your own power from your home. You will not be so reliant on fossil fuels provided by your utility.